Steps to Self-Publish an ebook

Steps to Self-Publish an ebook

In this post, I’m talking about some steps that we need to take in order to Self-Publish an ebook.

Today it’s easier than ever to self-publish our books. Most services are free and offer very good royalties. So, we just need to learn a little about how to navigate the different Self-Publishing platforms and services, learn about ebook formats, create ebook covers, proofreading our books and book marketing.

Five Steps to Self-Publish an ebook

  1. Book Concept and writing: Think about the book that you want to write about, if it’s fiction or on fiction. Start writing with the help of our community.
  2. Book Design: Start thinking and learn about ebook formats and decide which will suit your book. You can learn about epub, kindle, iBooks and pdf.
  3. ISBN Numbers: Search how to get your ISBN numbers. Find the ISBN agency where you live. ISBN numbers are very important for books in print, but are not as necessary if you are publishing an ebook.
  4. Self-Publishing Services: Search how to self-publish your book. You can use the services of Ingram Spark or Create Space both, or another service. Some are completely free to use.
  5. Book Marketing: Learn how to market your book, create an author website and use social networks and campaigns.

You can try to DIY through all these steps, or find some professionals to do some of them. You can ask someone to make your book cover, or your author website, a book trailer or even proofread your book.

There are some websites, like Fiverr, where you can find freelancers that can help you finish and market your book in a more professional way.

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